Project Assurance

Keyboard with Solutions buttonOne of the hardest things to do with any new project initiative is to truly quantify the scale and scope of the effort involved.

A project may have an outline brief, normally with input from the sponsoring executives and some cost saving/revenue generating figures.

However, what is often lacking is a clear view of how the intended solution will be used operationally – how many teams will be affected by the change in process, how these changes affect other manual processes and procedures, whether there are any other regulatory considerations and whether there is accurate static data already maintained for this process to function.

This is often information which is discovered later in the project lifecycle, causing costly rework, additional effort, moved delivery dates, additional stakeholders being identified late and the impacts of the project scope being revised during the build phase.

Belbridge Consulting provides firms with project assurance expertise to evaluate new project initiatives, to quantify the business benefits and the operational impacts and to provide an unbiased, independent assessment of the likely risks and issues facing the team BEFORE any time or effort is expended.

Project assurance can be time-boxed to a suitable period of time, and can be performed in partnership with in-house analysts and subject matter experts.

By sharing our expertise and understanding of these complex commodities and financial markets, we will be able to identify risks and issues much earlier – ensuring that the project is launched on a secure footing, with budgets in line with the scope, and all impacted operational areas identified and involved from project launch.

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