Business Analysis and Requirements

Keyboard with Information Technology buttonBelbridge Consulting provides firms with a range of expert analysis services, ensuring that many of the key delivery risks of any project are fully managed and addressed.

The bedrock of all projects is the depth of understanding and clarity of requirements laid out by the business users.  For a project to succeed, these often complex areas of requirements and functional analysis need to be tightly managed and well executed.


Requirements Analysis

The key to requirements analysis is to ensure that the project is able to build the correct system.  In the complex commodities and financial trading markets, the ability to capture and understand accurate business requirements is perhaps one of the highest risks to any project.

A missed or misunderstood requirement will often only be identified late in a projects delivery schedule, often leading to late scope changes, unhappy users or additional post go-live deliverables.

Our business analysts have many years of industry expertise and are able to ensure that requirements are captured fully and correctly using our own requirements capture framework.  We recognise that key business requirements are often sourced from non-technical teams – including front-office trading teams who are often pressed for time and cannot relate to IT specific terminology and processes.

Belbridge Consulting is able to provide a wealth of expertise in requirements analysis for your projects and programmes – working alongside your in-house teams.

Functional Analysis

The key to functional analysis is to ensure that the project is able to build the system correctly.  It is too easy to define solutions which meet the specified requirements, but are just not workable for the business users.  Maybe the new process deviates too much from accepted normal processes, or introduces additional steps or risks – or maybe it just adds too much additional time.  Even an additional mouse click per trade for a high volume trader can add up to a serious amount of operational overhead.

Belbridge Consulting have a broad range of experience and expertise, gleaned from working across hundreds of different projects and programmes, from vendor system rollouts to greenfield in-house ETRM/CTRM system designs.

Analysis Methodologies

Our expert analysts are comfortable working across a range of project methodologies – from traditional waterfall approaches to iterative AGILE/SCRUM methodologies.

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