Project Management

Keyboard with Project Management buttonBelbridge Consulting provides project management expertise to firms engaged across a wide range of project initiatives – from key system rollouts through to regulatory compliance and operational efficiency and cost saving exercises.

One of the unique aspects of our project management service is our depth of knowledge and business understanding.  In order to truly manage the risks inherent in complex commodities and financial trading markets, one needs to understand the business itself – to ask questions and to consider the broader impacts of a project on all of the downstream services – not just the scope raised by the project sponsor.

The commodities and trading lifecycle is very complex and highly serialized.  Each action flows into a follow-on process and impacts many different teams before the lifecycle is complete.

Our managers understand the complexities of these flows – and can provide an additional level of assurance and business challenge within these complex project demands.

Project Management Methodologies

Our expert project managers are comfortable working across a range of project methodologies – from traditional waterfall approaches, through to iterative AGILE/SCRUM methodologies.

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