Quality Assurance

Keyboard with Business Success keyBelbridge Consulting provides firms with quality assurance expertise in order to ensure that delivered functionality meets the agreed business requirements and is operationally fit for purpose.

This is a key success criteria for any project.  Quality Assurance (QA) is more than just testing code to see if it meets the success criteria.  It’s about working with the analysis team to identify requirements, operational processes, efficiency improvements and testability.

Quality assurance can be time-boxed to a suitable period of time, and can be performed in partnership with in-house test analysts and technology experts.

By sharing our expertise and understanding of these complex commodities and financial markets, we will be able to identify functional and technical gaps and issues much earlier – ensuring that software is delivered for end user acceptance testing in robust builds with recognisable operational improvements that will be accepted and most importantly, utilised by the business users.

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