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Belbridge Consulting offer a range of technical consultancy services tailored to firms trading within the European commodities and derivatives markets.

Most firms embark on complex IT projects without the depth of knowledge and understanding necessary to truly manage their risk.

For example, a project may be sponsored by a front office trading desk, which can provide a justification and a need – but can a trader tell you how those changes to trade capture will affect all of the downstream processes?  How can a technology team truly be assured that they have covered all bases – without a lengthy process of trying to engage with everybody?  In reality, most departments do not have the time to talk in general terms about a project which may not affect them – the onus is on the IT team to analyse the likely impacts and ask the right questions.  Otherwise, these discoveries will often occur later in the project – normally just before go-live.

Our expert consultants have many years of hands on experience in the major commodity markets across Europe – along with deep experience across all aspects of technology projects – including;

  • Ground up design of a new energy supply company
  • Automation of overnight P&L and position batch runs
  • Entry into new markets for oil, natural gas, power, coal and shipping
  • Core upgrades of vendor ETRM systems
  • ETRM Selection and implementation
  • Localisation changes to cater for multi-language and multi commodity
  • Automation of operational processes, including confirmations, settlements and netting
  • Static data modelling and marshalling
  • Point to point integration between vendor and in house platforms
  • Publish and subscribe message platforms for disseminating key business data
  • And many more.

By utilising our knowledge and expertise to supplement your internal project teams, you can be assured that your technology programmes are able to both understand the unspoken detailed requirements but also to translate these abstract terms into real meaningful requirements that are unique to your firm and its operational processes.

A solid understanding of how a new requirement truly affects the day to day trading and operational processes within your firm will ensure that your project team has the best possible information in order to deliver the right solutions and to allow your firm to realise business value.

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