What We Do

Before you launch your next project, ask an industry expert you can trust.

Belbridge Consulting helps firms avoid the common pitfalls that lead to big ongoing expenses.

With over 25 years of experience with some of the largest commodities and merchant trading businesses in the world – we have a unique approach to pre-emptively build a bridge between business and technology, saving you countless time and money.

We oversee the complex changes of any new business initiative so you can focus on delivering maximum value.

New Market Entry

We provide expert guidance and support as your firm looks to trade with new commodities across new market geographies and new regulatory juridictions.

Our services incorporate all aspects of the trade lifecycle, from origination, through to settlement – including physically delivered deals through to financial derivative trading.

Regulatory Compliance

Step by step support as you work to ensure your firm is fully compliant with all applicable regulatory requirements, whilst ensuring that today’s solution is designed with tomorrow’s requirements in mind.

There is a high degree of crossover between different regulatory regimes, which requires a holistic approach to ensure all requirements for all regulators are fully satisfied.

Manage Operational Risk

We help you shape and position your operational business in order to streamline productivity whilst ensuring that operational risk is minimised and controlled.

We can automate and systemise many of the routine back-office manual tasks, such that productivity savings are very quickly realised.

Technology Design

We provide expertise and guidance to supplement your own in-house teams.

This will often incorporate an initial project assurance exercise, with the option to utilise our expert business analysts and subject matter experts, project/programme managers and business quality assurance team.

Project Assurance

We provide firms with an upfront project assurance engagement, in which we work to shape and scale your project, qualify the business benefits, scope of requirements and to raise the key risks, issues and assumptions.

This short exercise provides an independent view of a projects viability and is a valuable step in firms wishing to perform due diligence before committing spend to a new initiative.

Knowledge & Insight

With many years of hands-on expertise in the global commodities markets, we work with firms to provide guidance and advice on market trends, best practices, common risks, pitfalls and potential opportunities.

We can also provide staff training across different commodities, asset classes and business processes – ensuring that your team are fully equipped to take the business forward.

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We offer a range of solutions, from short time-boxed advisory services through to long term partnership engagements.

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