What We Do

Belbridge Energy is a brokerage service which exists solely to stop you overpaying on your gas, electricity and water bills.

We are expert at finding the very best deals across the whole market – we talk to all the top suppliers and come back to you with deals that cut your costs and save you money year on year.

We know that reducing costs boils down to three GOLDEN RULES

1.   Spend Less

2.   Use Less

3.   See 1. and 2. above

Cutting out the sheer volume of wasted money which you pay by stagnating on expensive ‘default’ tariffs  just jeeps you locked in to prices which are 40% higher than your neighbours.

That is the essence of what we do.

  1. Our energy brokering team will seek out the best prices in the market, reducing the cash you pay on your charges.
  2. Our energy efficiency business will health-check your property, seek out improvements, grants and any other ways to reduce the amount of kWh you consume.

Using less energy and paying a much reduced rate is where you start to see real, significant savings.

That’s where we find our happy customers.

Whether it’s for your business premises or your home – get in touch NOW and find out how much you have been overpaying.

Put those £££ to better use.

Call or email us now – start saving money right away.

how can we help you?

Get in touch to discuss how Belbridge Energy can help you save money on your energy bills.

We offer a range of solutions, from tariff checking, supplier switching, or energy assessments and checking for potential efficiency grants and initiatives.

Discover how to dramatically reduce your energy spending