Bill Checking

There’s little value in negotiating the best terms, if these aren’t then correctly applied to your bill!

Energy billing isn’t a simple exercise, and suppliers can and do make mistakes.

In the early days of competition, one supplier actually went out of business as they were unable to bill their customers!

Common errors include:

  • Incorrect prices
  • Transposed rates
  • Transposed usage
  • Incorrect usage
  • Incorrect rate structures or tariff applied
  • Incorrect Metering details
  • Treatment of crossover periods (between contract ending and new contract beginning)

These can often be rectified without too much trouble – providing any errors are caught quickly.

How we can help

Belbridge Energy understand supplier billing and the relationship to your negotiated tariff or contract.  We always check our customer’s initial bill when they switch tariff to make sure they start off on the right footing.  We can organise checking all utility bills on an ongoing basis if required.

Utilise our skill and knowledge to make sure your business recognises the savings you locked in during contract negotiation.





how can we help you?

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We offer a range of solutions, from tariff checking, supplier switching, or energy assessments and checking for potential efficiency grants and initiatives.

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