Frequently Asked Questions (Business)

We get lots of questions – which isn’t surprising as energy isn’t a simple market!  We’ve done our best to answer the more common questions below – but feel free to get in touch if there’s a question we haven’t covered!

Getting Started

What do I need to do to get started?
To get started, we first need to gather some information from your current utility bills. We also need you to provide us with your authority to deal with your energy company to gather information about your meters and tariffs.
We can explain each of these steps and provide an easy to follow guide.

Do I need to have a good understanding of gas/electricity?
It’s our job to manage the various intricacies and to explain everything in plain English as we go. We will present everything back in an easy to follow format, and we’ll walk you through the information, picking out the positives and negatives – so we can agree on the right course of action.

What do I need to do during the process?
Once we have the information from your utility bills and a letter of authority to act, the rest is down to us. We will reach out to the supplier network and will collate and analyse their quotes for your business. Based on your requirements, we will shortlist the best offers for a discussion with yourself before we agree how to proceed.

Do I need to pay any money upfront?
At no point do you need to pay us. Our brokerage is paid to us by the supplier.

If we agree to proceed, are we then committed?
We need your authority to take your details to market to find better and cheaper deals, but you have no obligation to accept any of the offers.

Picking the Best Offer

Do you need to visit my premises to gather any data?
Not necessarily – we prefer to meet and discuss things face to face, but we’re happy to carry out the analysis tasks ourselves, and just meet to present the findings and agree next steps.

Which suppliers do you connect to?
We have an extensive panel of suppliers to approach for bids, including the big 6 and a range of the most competitive challenger companies.
Our supplier list is constantly changing and expanding. If there are particular suppliers you would like us to include (or exclude), please just let us know.

Do we have any say in which tariff is chosen?
Of course. We’ll assess your existing tariff model, your type of business and how you use your energy.  We will discuss the best fit for you – and can discuss and agree before we reach out to the suppliers for quotes.

Am I under any obligation to switch?
It’s only when you decide to accept and physically sign the supplier’s contract paperwork, or give a verbal acceptance on a scripted telephone call that you have accepted and committed to the suppliers terms.
You are free to back out of the process at any point up to signing a new supply deal – in which case the process will stop and you will owe nothing.

How do you select the ‘best’ tariff or product?
We look at the type of tariff which best fits your business and your usage profile. We look for the cheapest deals, but we also look at how you would like to interact with your new supplier and how important customer service is to you (some suppliers are almost entirely online-self service).
We can present you with the top 3 bids (based on price, customer service, etc.) and the final choice will be discussed and agreed together.

Switching & Saving

How much money will I save?
This depends on the deal you are on now, and how much energy you consume. The savings can be quite significant, sometimes 40+%.

Is there anything that could block us switching?
As a business customer, the new supplier will often wish to run a basic credit check on your company. You will also need to make sure that you have no debt outstanding with your former suppliers before you leave.

Do we need to inform my previous suppliers that we are leaving?
We can serve your former suppliers with a notice of cancellation on your behalf. Once the new supplier applies to take you on as a new customer, a series of data-flows are triggered automatically, informing the former supplier and requesting change of supplier closing meter readings.

At what point do we pay for your brokerage service?
You don’t. We are paid a brokerage fee from the new suppliers directly, providing we have fully adhered to their code of practice.

Are there any hidden costs?
We don’t charge you directly for anything – so there really is nothing to hide. In terms of your new supply contracts, we will explain exactly how the tariff rates work, so there will be extra charges lurking there either.

how can we help you?

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