Commercial LED Lighting

Energy prices have increased by over 150% since 2004, a trend likely to continue.

Making the switch to LEDs could save your business up to 65% on lighting costs.

LED is so efficient that up to 90% of the electrical power is converted to light  – as opposed to traditional lighting where only 20% is converted: the majority being wasted as unnecessary heat.

LED lights are up to 68% more energy efficient than traditional fluorescent lamps and have an impressive 50,000-hour lifespan.

  • Improved Energy Efficiency – LEDs are up to 68% more efficient
  • Control Integration
  • Low Environmental Impact
  • Improved Lifespan
  • Mercury-free Enhanced Capital Allowance –  The cost of LED technology can be offset against tax
  • Virtually zero maintenance cost
  • No warm up time – they reach maximum brightness almost instantly
  • Works well with controls, whereas traditional lighting often fails when integrated with occupancy sensors and other controls

Contact us to discuss an LED switchover of your commercial lighting – reducing your businesses power consumption and lowering your overall costs.

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