Energy Assessments

A home energy assessment is a useful way of gaining a snapshot on how energy-efficient your home is.

Typically you only need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when you wanted to sell or let your home.  However, they are a useful way of checking your home’s performance – and highlighting areas that you may wish to improve upon.

There are multiple schemes and initiatives to assist homeowners in reducing their energy usage and carbon footprint.  These range from replacing lightbulbs with energy-efficient LEDs, to cavity wall or loft insulation.  Other schemes involve subsidised solar panelling and other energy saving measures.

There are two ways to tackle reducing your overall energy bills.

One is to spend less (by intelligently switching tariff or supplier to obtain the optimum price) or secondly, to reduce the amount you actually consume – through reducing heat loss (insulation).  You may be able to make simple changes such as using lower wattage bulbs or appliances or more costly options may include offsetting some of the energy you consume with some co-generation (solar panels).

This is a wide field, and there is no one size which fits all.  Your home and the way you consume your energy, along with the measures you are prepared to undertake to reduce your usage will determine a course which is right for you.

Belbridge Energy are happy to offer home energy assessments to verify your initial position, before we look together at potential solutions for the future.  Working with partner firms of energy efficiency specialists and installers, we are able to connect you with experts who will be on hand to guide you through the process of making your home as efficient as possible.

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