Grants & Initiatives

There are a range of possible grants and initiatives open to homeowners.

Some of these are offered by your energy supplier, and typically focus on discounted (or free) home insulation or replacement of your regular light-bulbs with low wattage LED equivalents.

These can make significant savings on your overall costs, as using LEDs to light your home can save anything up to 15% of your power usage.  Likewise, reducing heat loss through poorly insulated walls or roof space may save you anything up to 35% of your energy usage.

It’s important to understand if there are any tie-ins or claw-backs with such schemes, if you wish to leave your energy supplier within a certain time frame, you may be asked to pay back a contribution of the cost.

Of course, each home is different and the savings need to be looked at on an individual basis.

There are also schemes available from local authorities, typically aimed at certain groups of the population, whether they be elderly or on low incomes.

Lastly, there are co-funded grants from providers, typically of home energy solutions such as solar panelling, where the overall costs of supply and install may be subsidised.

Belbridge Energy are happy to help you identify any energy saving schemes which may be applicable to you.

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