hand shakeLaunching an energy brokerage was never going to be an easy task!  This market has been blighted with bad press over the years…from cold calling to pressure selling.  There are thousands of would-be energy brokers, ranging from some real professional outfits to pretty terrible bedroom brokers!

We want to do things right – and have spent a lot of time and effort to get things in place to show you that our commitment goes further than empty corporate words.

If we are able to demonstrate our  quality, we’ll be able to take on more happy customers – meaning we’ll save even more money.

Everyone wins.

Here’s just a few of the things we have put in place to show you how important your trust is  to us.

Industry Code of Practice

Our government regulator OFGEM has worked with the industry to define a code of practice for third party intermediaries.  (The TPI Code of Practice).

The reasons for having the code of practice in place is to protect consumers.  We only want happy customers too, so you’ll see when you interact with us that this code is hard-wired into our business – not just sign a document we sign and then file it away.

Feel free to get in touch and ask us for a copy of the TPI codes of conduct – and we’re happy for you to run a quick-fire test for us to prove we know it!

Transparency of Fees/Costs

It’s always awkward talking about money – it blunts all of the fun we have when we’re analysing kWh, standing charges, tariff rates and so on.

But, we do have to turn a profit – it keeps our staff gainfully employed and allows us to supply them with medium-grade coffee and teabags in our offices.  We keep the good stuff back for our customers!

Fortunately for our customers, our fees are paid to us directly from the energy companies in the form of a commission.

Such payments are subject to us meeting the terms of business with each supplier and representing their products professionally to our customers.

We are VERY good at this – we don’t want to let our customers down – and we don’t want to give the energy companies a reason not to pay us!

Personal Data and Privacy

Nobody likes sharing their data – and wrestling people for their energy bills probably violates the code of conduct.

We understand.

Likewise, nobody wants to share their private or commercial data, without knowing;

  • WHO will see it and use it
  • WHAT it will be used for
  • WHEN it will be deleted (or returned)
  • WHERE it will be sent, stored or copied to
  • WHY it’s needed in the first place

But don’t worry.  We’ve thought about this – a lot.

Data privacy and protection of information is critical to the services we offer.  We’ve put processes and infrastructure in place to give you that guarantee of comfort.

Our business is fully regulated and registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and our number is ZA202485.

We’ve also spent time, effort and money to make sure we fully comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy laws.

It’s  important – and we’ve done everything necessary to give you that assurance and protection.

True Market Level Brokerage Service

This one is important, and it’s key to highlight the difference between a broker and an agent.

If someone approaches you offering to ‘save you money on your energy bills’ and they only represent one supplier – they are an AGENT.  They are paid by that supplier to sign people up.  That’s it.  There is no analysis of the market, comparisons of deals to be had, etc…just a quick compare of your existing rates versus their list prices.

They may be a bit cheaper than your existing arrangements – but why on Earth would anyone sign up to a comparison of ONE?

When we renew our car insurance, we may hit HUNDREDS of different providers for quotes before we make our pick.  Why wouldn’t you do the same for your energy costs?

The role of a Broker

On the other side of the road are the energy BROKERS.  (Firms like us).

Being an energy broker isn’t easy.  We need to get agreements in place with all of the major suppliers, we have to undertake their individual training and agree to operate our activities professionally in line with agreed terms of business.

We also have to know A LOT about how the market works.  We don’t have just one pre-packaged product to sell, we have HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS – and we need to know them all inside and out.

A broker will earn their commission by understanding your individual needs and then working through the offering from the best energy suppliers in the market in order to arrive at the absolute best deal for you.  (Surprisingly, it isn’t always based on price alone).  Sometimes something as mundane as your payment method can highlight better deal terms across the supplier network.

Belbridge Energy are not incentivised to pick one supplier over another – and we have no targets or quotas to meet.

We work for YOU.

Our brokers will take your requirements to the wide array of UK suppliers – everyone from the ‘Big 6’ through to some of the smallest and most exciting ‘challenger’ companies.

This really is an amazing industry to be in – we LOVE having over a hundred suppliers to talk to.  When the market first opened we had just 14 electricity suppliers, and even less gas suppliers.

Know the differences between agents and brokers – and let us give you that assurance that you are receiving the ABSOLUTE BEST deal possible, don’t just accept a sample of one.

Physical Business Address

Belbridge has physical offices in Great Portland Street in London and our South East office is based in Rayleigh, Essex.

We LOVE client visits – you can see for yourself what we do and how we work.  Just let us know in advance when you’d like to pop in and we’ll supply the biscuits!

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