Website Launch!

Today sees the launch of the new Belbridge Energy website.

Belbridge Energy provides businesses and households with  expertise and guidance through the often complex and confusing utility markets.

We know you will find the website helpful and we welcome your feedback.

  • Cost Reduction
    Expert knowledge and guidance in assessing your existing energy tariffs (gas and power) and analysing whether they are the most effective choice for you.
  • Tariffs are reviewed in terms of cost and customer service.
  • Supplier Switching
    If you look to switch your energy supplier, we can help explain the process, point out any potential issues or pitfalls.
  • We manage this process for you to make the switchover as smooth as possible.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Our energy assessors are able to visit your premises and carry out an assessment of how efficient your building is and any recommendations for improvements. 
  • Using energy more efficiently can make a big difference to your monthly usage.
  • Grants & Initiatives
    Analysis of supplier and local government initiatives – we are able to investigate and advise which schemes you may be eligible for. 
  • Such initiatives may include free or heavily discounted insulation, low voltage bulbs, etc.  
how can we help you?

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We offer a range of solutions, from tariff checking, supplier switching, or energy assessments and checking for potential efficiency grants and initiatives.

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